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This team rocks. My brother had a difficult situation. He was waiting for his grand jury court, but there was not enough evidence to support his case. But Monique and her team, and God bless their team, worked in a very smart way to unravel the truth. I can’t thank them enough for this marvelous job. This is the importance of hiring the right people, because this was a team effort. Way to go. It is very important to hire a lawyer you can trust that will do their job. We hired another lawyer before her, who did absolutely nothing. I am pretty sure my brother would have landed in jail if we hadn’t looked for another option on time.

Yuri C.

When I met ms sparks and the law firm when I was only 15, I always felt their team was heaven-sent. I never had a thought in my mind nor doubted the team out of the 4 years we worked together. They brought me hope and showed me real love, and ms sparks showed me a different side of life that I know I wouldn’t have known without her. Ms. Sparks and her team fought for me since day 1 and always had my best interest at heart. This team is so passionate about their work. You won’t just be their client but they will take care of you and care for you like their own. They will fight endlessly for you so it’ll be time for you to be fighting along with them if you decide to hire them. I got to know who god is working with the law firm and ms sparks is just so beautiful inside and out, she was more like another mom to me throughout the years. The team was worth every dollar, this team is like a lion. They will fight till the end for you. This team will always have a place in my heart. They changed my outlook on life and I’ll always be grateful for this team. Ms. Sparks and her team weren’t just my lawyers, I now think of them as my family. I recommend this team to anyone that is in need of a lawyer. They are worth every dollar, they motivate you physically and spiritually, and you will end up loving them . They never gave up on me and I’ll always speak so highly of them forever. Thank you the Sparks Law Firm for impacting me in such a beautiful way.

Isabel M.

Monique C. Sparks is the best attorney in Texas; she is very knowledgeable and professional. She was successful in helping my stepson dismiss charges in a Federal Case. We all are so grateful to Monique and her wonderful team, GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!

Fernando S.

Mrs. Monique Sparks is a very awesome lawyer she is very caring and attentive to her clients’ needs. She works hard to get you the justice you deserve. My husband was facing prison time and she got him deferred probation. Thanks, Monique!

Ursula B.

Words cannot describe how amazing Monique and The Sparks Law firm are! My brother was wrongfully accused of a very serious crime, but through their attentiveness and creative action, Sparks Law was able to have the case completely dropped! They are an absolute blessing to our family. We pray for all of those who may find themselves in a similar situation but rest assured you will be in GREAT hands with this firm. 10 out of 5 stars!

Laura S.

Monique C. Sparks is a fantastic attorney. She helped my son so much with his case and kept us updated throughout the process. She worked so hard and got positive results, dismissed charges in a Federal case. We are very grateful for these results and the help and support we always receive from her. At any time we needed her, she was always available. She also has a high level of professionalism. We as a family, definitely highly recommend her!!!! For me as a mom, my whole life will be thankful to her. Thank you so much, Miss Monique, and thank god for letting me meet you.

Rocio C.

Julie and her team are incredible. I’ve worked several times with them and will continue to do so. We moved out of Austin and still chose to do my citizenship with Sparks law firm, that’s how great they are!

Miriam A.

Best lawyers!

Leonard R.


Tonya D.

Prompt, responsive, and professional.

Marion C.

I highly recommend Ms. Sparks.


Monique and her team are amazing! Simply the best.

Moni P.

So glad we had Monique and her team with us to defend us from unjust authority.

Enzo C.

Highly recommended! Handled my case quickly and with no hassle and with me being out of state.

Michael M.

I really don’t have words to describe how wonderful and amazing these people are. I am very grateful. They are very professional and knowledgeable.

Robert S.

Excellent attorney!

F.W. Davis
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