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Matea Gerussi


Matea Gerussi’s journey to The Sparks Law Firm is as unique and inspiring as her international roots. Born overseas, Matea’s early life was marked by a blend of cultures instilling in her a profound appreciation for diversity and a deep-seated desire to connect with people from all walks of life, bringing a unique global perspective to The Sparks Law Firm.

In 2023, Matea graduated from Baylor University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies. Her academic journey at Baylor was marked by a consistent presence on the honor list, showcasing her exceptional intellectual capabilities and her dedication to academic excellence. Currently, Matea is enhancing her expertise through a Master of Science in Health Behavior and Education at the University of Florida, anticipating graduation in August 2024. Her graduate studies are a strategic step towards integrating her comprehensive understanding of health sciences with her future legal career.

Beyond her academic accolades, Matea’s compassion and commitment to social causes are evident in her extracurricular activities. A passionate animal lover, she dedicates her free time to rescuing animals. Her musical talents on the piano and guitar add another dimension to her multifaceted personality, highlighting her creative and artistic abilities.

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