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Monica Perez

Accounts Receivable Liaison

Monica Perez serves as the Billing and Accounts Receivable Liaison at The Sparks Law Firm, PC. Having been born and raised in Houston, Texas, and graduating from George I. Sanchez, AAMA in 2011, she embarked on a versatile career across different domains. Married with three wonderful children and several cats whom she loves, Monica brings over 8 years of expertise in Human Resources, particularly in unemployment insurance, coupled with extensive experience in working with individuals. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she is dedicated to achieving objectives and delivering top-notch service to clients. Monica holds a unique perspective on injustice and the potential abuse of power within the system, especially against marginalized individuals. During her leisure time, she finds solace in immersing herself in a good book, watching movies, or indulging in a television series.

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