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Afshin Zand

Afshin Zand


Afshin Zand is dedicated to championing the rights of individuals as a criminal defense attorney. Raised in a multicultural household that encompassed American, Mexican, and Iranian influences, Mr. Zand brings a diverse perspective to the practice. This upbringing, coupled with experience in both bustling urban centers like Houston and more rural areas, including West Texas, equips him with a broad understanding to navigate a variety of legal arenas and personalities.

Mr. Zand’s commitment extends beyond the legal sphere to include a deep love for animals, advocating for their rights and promoting responsible pet ownership. Additionally, his passion for music has played a transformative role in expanding his way of thinking which he’s noticed in his approach to legal issues. Mr. Zand is currently working on earning a degree in music as well as opportunities to work in fellowship and make music more available, especially for children who may not have that opportunity otherwise.

In the courtroom, he is a staunch advocate for the underdogs, offering unwavering support to those navigating the complexities of the legal system. His approach emphasizes empathy and personal connection with clients as well as educating them. Mr. Zand believe that the courthouse is a space where people should receive the dedicated representation they deserve, regardless of their circumstances.

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