When you get into a minor altercation with another person at your favorite local bar, you may think nothing of it afterward. However, when the police arrive and arrest you for assault, you may be overwhelmed. Though you may assume there is nothing you can do to beat the charges, this is far from the truth. By working with experienced Houston assault lawyers, you can explore potential defenses. The following blog explores these circumstances in further detail, so if you’re facing charges, you’ll want to keep reading.

What Circumstances Warrant an Assault Charge in Texas?

In Texas, it’s a common misconception that only instances involving physical contact with another person will warrant an assault charge. However, this is not true. Someone can be charged with this offense if any of the following circumstances occur:

  • They intentionally cause bodily injury to another
  • They make physical contact that the other party perceives as provoking or offensive
  • They threaten bodily harm

As such, you do not need to physically touch another person to be charged with assault. Something as simple as raising your fist and taking a step toward the other party can constitute assault, even if you never swing. Similarly, if you grab someone by the shoulder or wrist, it can warrant an assault charge.

Are There Any Defenses I Can Rely On?

When you are charged with assault, you may be able to utilize a defense to help you avoid charges.

One of the most common defenses those charged with assault rely on is that they were acting in self-defense. Essentially, if they had a reasonable belief that the other entity would cause them bodily harm, so they acted in a manner to protect themselves.

Another defense many utilize is to prove that there was a lack of intent. Generally, to be charged and convicted of assault, the prosecution must prove the defendant had the intent to cause bodily harm. If they cannot because your attorney can it genuinely was an accident, you may avoid charges.

Do I Need an Attorney for These Matters?

Unfortunately, many people assume they can fight these charges on their own. However, this will often result in unfavorable outcomes, as navigating the justice system without the guidance of an experienced attorney can be an incredibly difficult process.

Additionally, you’ll find that working with an experienced attorney is ideal, as this is generally an overwhelming process. Because there are many considerations you must make, having an attorney provide advice, help with paperwork, and protect your rights is invaluable.

Because your future is on the line, putting your case in the hands of an experienced attorney is in your best interest. As such, the Sparks Law Firm, PC, is ready to assist you. Our dedicated legal team will explore all possible avenues for a defense to help determine the best course of action for your specific circumstances. Connect with us today to learn how we can fight for you.