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How will we stay in contact?

You can reach us by phone at:(713) 520-7000 by text at: (832) 889-2340 or by email to:

Who will handle my case?

Monique Sparks is the Lead Attorney at the firm; however, we love to work as a team and collaborate on cases together. We believe through the combined efforts of all that we can best achieve the greatest outcome.

Will everything discussed between us remain confidential?

Absolutely. We only share your case information with our legal team. Trust is key.

What other areas do you serve?

We work case by case -- Dont let location limit you if you'd like to work with us on a state or federal case.

How much does a lawyer cost?

We know that no one plans for this kind of thing to happen, and the thought of paying for an attorney can be overwhelming. Fees are set on a case-by-case basis, and we consider several factors, so please call us to obtain a quote.

What can I do to help my case run smoothly?
  • First and foremost, please be honest with us. We can't help work through what we don't know about.
  • Please be as detailed as possible in all contact with our attorneys and team.
  • Follow instructions of the attorney to the best of your ability and ask as many questions as needed.
  • Don't make statements to authorities without an attorney present.
  • Ensure your contact information is up to date.
  • Keep in mind that each case and each client is different. What may have happened in a case of the same charge with someone else may not be the best outcome for your case.
What is "Discovery"?

Evidence that the government has against you to support their charge including, but not limited to...

  • --Body cam
  • --Surveillance video
  • --Fingerprints
  • --Lab
  • --Offense report

This is all considered to determine your best defense.

What could affect how quickly my case is resolved?
  • Release of evidence
  • Approvals from the court
  • Scheduling availability of the court
  • Communicating with prosecutors
Will this show up when I apply for a job or apartment?

Yes, it will. Most employers and landlords will run a criminal background check. If the case is still pending or has not been non-disclosed or expunged, it will show up on the criminal background check.

Will I Be Able to Get This Charge Removed From My Record?

Depending on the type of case and the conclusion of that case, you may be eligible for a non-disclosure (seals and hides the record) or an expungement (removes the record completely). This is reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis

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