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Our History

The Sparks Law Firm is based in Houston, Texas, and was established in 2008.

As a Criminal Defense practice, The Sparks Law Firm takes pride in representing those accused or under investigation of criminal allegations.

For more than a decade, we have endeavored to protect and defend the rights of those charged in all facets of the criminal justice system.

Since our inception, we have worked to ensure that our firm remains client-focused.

Our Values

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We want you to feel like family.
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You are a part of our team from day one.
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We go beyond the criminal case.

Our Approach

  • We look beyond the case files, paperwork, and police reports to see you as a human, and we focus on telling your story.

  • We employ experts to make sure no stone is left unturned.

  • We focus on litigation and mitigation. We explore every option that will help our clients far beyond the case. That includes therapy, locating resources for your essential needs, or even taking the time out to pray with and for our clients who need further encouragement.

The sparks Law firm approach
The Sparks Law Firm is honored to play a role in the restoration of your life and freedom.
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