At The Sparks Law Firm advocacy begins from the moment you step through the doors.  The process begins with a consultation and forthright advice.  The importance of this step is often underestimated. The attorney has tremendous responsibility to give the client the professional advice they require; and not simply advice that will benefit the business of the attorney and/or their firm.  For this reason it is required that all initial consultations take place in person at The Sparks Law Firm.

If you determine that The Sparks Law Firm is the best fit for your legal business, there is a bustle of procedures which will begin at the inception of the relationship.  There are no steps that will be ignored in the effort to secure the most positive outcome for you, the client.  From Investigation, motions, Grand Jury packets, to negotiation, mediation, TRIAL and even appeal, no phase of the process will be unexplored. We are a full-service firm dedicated to efficacy.