Super Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child. 1st degree felony (2010)

  •  (Range of Punishment 25 yrs to Life)
  • Client made a confession.  After extensive investigation the original outcry statements greatly differed from subsequent statements.
  • Case Dismissed

Unlawful Possession of a Weapon-Habitual Offender. 3rd degree felony (2011)

  •  (Enhanced Range of Punishment 25 yrs to Life)
  • Motion to Suppress challenged a significant failure of police procedure.  Motion granted.
  • Client Acquitted

Possession of Controlled Substance-Habitual Offender. 1st degree felony  (2010)

  •  (Enhanced Range of Punishment 25yrs to Life)
  • Client found in house containing large quantity of illegal substances. Information was presented to the Grand Jury which showed the defendant was not in care, custody, or control of the substances.   Grand Jury agreed defendant was not, and returned a decision of “No Bill”.
  • Defendant Released

Terroristic Threat Against a Public Servant. Class A Misdemeanor (2010)

  •  (Range of Punishment up to 1 yr)
  • Complainant was a Bailiff in the county in which the trial was held.  Full scale trial.
  • Not Guilty Verdict

Aggravated Robbery & Continuous Assault. 1st degree felony (2011)

  •  (Range of Punishment 5yrs to 99yrs)
  •  Extensive investigation led to discovery of numerous facts which allowed for in-depth negotiation with the Prosecution.
  • Charges Dismissed

Aggravated Assault. 1st degree felony (2011)

  •  Client accused of shooting complainant numerous times.  Complainant identified shooter.  Defense engaged in extensive negotiation with prosecution.
  • Charges Dismissed